Mystical Mind Training Program for Awakening Minds

Mystical Mind Training Program for Awakening Minds

Mystical Mind Training Program for Awakening Minds (MMT) is an advanced mind training program available on the internet and takes about two years to complete. Participants connect with one or more mind training partners who are dedicated to this process. Videos, music, audios, and writings are woven together in a curriculum designed to heighten metaphysical understanding and transfer the training to everything that has been believed, without exception. The Program also provides dedicated relationships for support and inspiration.

Details of Mystical Mind Training Program for Awakening Minds – MMT


Who It Is For?

MMT is for miracle workers, teachers of God, and students who have advanced in the curriculum of forgiveness, yet need additional structure, organization, coaching, counseling, guidance, collaboration, and practice to experience a consistently peaceful state of mind.

Topics Included

There are a wide variety of topics in the Program including guidance, holy relationship, metaphysics, empathy, no private thoughts, trust and inspiration, the power of thought, special relationships, prayer, psycho-therapy and teaching, discernment, mind-watching, enlightenment, forgiveness, and divine providence.

Assignments and Teachers

Assignments are woven throughout the Program for the purpose of inner inquiry and to develop a clear understanding of the teachings. This involves taking the ideas inward to question limiting beliefs and applying the ideas to one’s own thoughts and life situations. Some assignments involve only prayer and contemplation; others involve discussion with your mind training partner. Most assignments involve using an online function to compose a written response, which is then sent to a teacher for review.

Mind Training Partners and Other Support

  • A mind training partner is a companion with whom you communicate as you go through the Program. A mind training partner can be a valuable support in your continued progress and completion of each course.

  • Additional support, such as mentors, are available to help you as you deepen into your Awakening and the experience of transferring these ideas into your daily life.

Mystical Mind Training Program – Prerequisites

  • A consistent daily study practice, over a period of 12 months with a non-dualistic spiritual text that is in alignment with Living Miracles teachings.

  • Involvement with the Living Miracles Ministry and study materials.

Mystical Mind Training Program – Access and Pace of Studies

  • MMT is a two-year program, but your access will allow you four years in which to complete the Program.

  • Completion of the Program within two years involves 10–15 hours of participation per week.

  • You may choose to opt into the Ministerial Program after enrolling in MMT. Opting into the Ministerial Program involves an additional enrollment process and cost.

  • You can request continued access to the Program for specific teaching purposes if:

1. You have completed the Program within the four-year time-frame

2. You have submitted the online assignments

3. Through the assignments you have indicated a clear understanding of the teachings, and an ability to take the ideas inward to transfer the training to your own mind and life

4. You are an active member of our Living Miracles Ministry


Mystical Mind Training Program – Ministerial Program

Becoming a Licensed Minister

The MMT Program also serves as a Ministerial Program for those who have a calling to be a licensed minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc. The Ministerial Program involves an additional enrollment process and the completion of certain prerequisites (see Ministerial Program Information). The Ministerial Program provides an extensive support network, and a structured approach to completing the material.

Becoming an Ordained Minister

A licensed minister may apply to enroll in additional ministerial training in order to become ordained. The ordination process will involve additional courses and training. These additional courses and practicums are yet to be developed. Ordained ministers are appointed by the Senior Pastor of the church.

Further information on our Mystical Mind Training Program for Awakening Minds

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