ACIM Yahoo Groups

ACIM Yahoo Groups

David Hoffmeister and the Messengers of Peace have thousands of archived messages on this ACIM Yahoo Groups mailing list, written by the Holy Spirit as answers to questions sent in from around the world. David Hoffmeister is a clear teacher of ACIM and a beautiful demonstration of the Awakened Mind. These messages are responses from the Right Mind to gently reveal to the questioner the truth that is ever present behind the unquestioned beliefs. By raising these blocks into the light of Awareness and handing them over to the Holy Spirit, forgiveness is experienced.

ACIM Yahoo Groups Global Mailing List

Our global online ministry is based upon the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ. Through ACIM Yahoo Groups Global Mailing List we provide services, gatherings, retreats, devotionals, a ministerial program, membership, newsletters, an online TV channel, printed materials, teaching videos, music, and hundreds of free online resources. Over the years, David and his devoted friends have answered many, many questions about the Spiritual journey asked at gatherings, counseling sessions, or sent in via email. We invite you to join this mailing list and to also use it as a tool to look up older posts that may relate to a situation you are currently experiencing.

We are all in this together and we are with you all the way!

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