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A Course in Miracles Music ACIM for enlightenment! Enjoy beautiful metaphysical A Course in Miracles songs from all sorts of genres including meditational, soul, R&B, rap, rock, and more—all to help with peace and joy on the Awakening journey to Salvation.

Living Miracles ACIM Music Studio

A Course in Miracles ACIM Music

Living Miracles Studio is a music label devoted to producing inspired ACIM music that blesses and heals. It is a means to share the message and purpose of Living Miracles Ministry, and all proceeds support this non-profit organization. The music from Living Miracles Studio reflects the call to teach forgiveness and expresses the authentic experience of Awakening. Further, it is the purpose of Living Miracles Studio to offer an uplifting experience that points to clarity and offers opportunities to rejoice in the divine orchestration of all things. Tune in and let your heart rejoice and your mind praise the never-ending heavenly hymn of love and peace!

Our ACIM Music Artists

Our ACIM Music artists joyfully share their devotional and spiritual music for the purposes of Awakening and extending the Peace of Mind that comes from living the principles of A Course in Miracles.


Svava is not a trained singer-songwriter, nor a composer or educated in mixing and mastering music. She lives her life purely on prayer and listening and following Spirit.

Grace of God Album
The Grace of God album contains 13 songs and is a mix of songs that Svava received from the Spirit over the last three years and a few new ones. With guidance from the Spirit, all the tracks were mixed and mastered by her. Svava shares that she made this album with love, and that is all she has and wants to give. With it, she extends her countless blessings and gratitude to all.

The Light Of Truth Album
The Light Of Truth is an album of a deep healing journey and is a gift to the whole world to support the awakening to the Love of God. All the songs came to her unexpectedly within a few weeks in May 2020, except the title song, “The Light Of Truth,” which she received about a year before. Her prayer is that this album will be a beautiful inner journey and healing of the mind for everyone who feels guided to listen to it, and also an inspiration to see that there are no limits when we give our lives over to God to be guided.


ACIM Music Holiness

Kirsten is a “Mystic by nature.” She sings as a way of allowing herself to be used by the Spirit. Her singing is simple, clear, unadorned, and bright! She simply sings for God! Recorded at the 2014 Strawberry Fields Music Festival, she performs her album called Holiness—a collection of eighteen songs—along with Erik Archbold and Laura Schopen. It is a sharing of mystical experience using story, song, and instrument. It invites us to experience that “I am holiness.” The music contained within this album is intended as a way to entertain this idea as true for ourselves.

Ricki Comeaux:

Kirsten Buxton, Ricki Comeaux, Quantum Love album, living miracles studios, spiritual music

Fearlessly reverent, Ricki has an enormous passion for Awakening and this is nowhere more apparent than on the album Quantum Love. Also a featured artist on this album, Kirsten’s songs invite the listener to rest in God. These fifteen songs are prayers of the heart. A way to be moved by Spirit. They express an openness to allow the voice of Spirit to pour through, and we would love to share them with you!!!

Erik Archbold:

Erik Archbold, living miracles studio, spiritual music

In 2009, Erik left his old life behind and gave his life over entirely to God. He became His “traveling minstrel.” Ever since then it has been one miraculous ride! The Spirit has been pouring through in the form of beautiful songs which he openly shares with the world. His songs are gentle and loving, and will shine through, reminding you of your perfection, innocence, and union with God. Check out his album: Heaven is Perfect.

Anna Lou Flower:

Anna lou flower, spiritual music, album re birth

Anna Lou’s songs have pleasantly cheerful lyrics, and a lively guitar technique. Her album re birth was inspired while living at the Living Miracles Monastery, and will support your path with Awakening themes like facing the recurring ego loops of anxiety and anger; and with reminders of unconditional love to the mind. All the songs on this album were written and performed by Anna Lou.

Jessica Rarey:

Jessica Rarey Living Miracles Studio's Spiritual piano music

Walking Together: Piano Meditations is relaxing piano music accompanied by the sounds of nature, designed to support a soothing meditative experience. Jessica offers this gift of her heart in the hope that it may help you to come to a place of peace and full surrender.

A Course in Miracles Music

Our entire collection of inspired A Course in Miracles music can be found here:

Living Miracles Studio Bandcamp page (for live streaming or MP3 download options)

Living Miracles Center Store (for the option of purchasing the music in CD form)

Thank you for visiting our ACIM Music page. Enjoy!!!

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