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ACIM Videos ACIM videos by David Hoffmeister shed light on the experience of Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening. David has traveled extensively for over 35 years in 44 countries and 49 states in the U.S. sharing the experience of God’s unconditional Love that is reached through forgiveness. David travels the world shining the Light of God’s Love wherever there is a strong invitation. Many gatherings are offered freely. Subscribed sites, donations, and love offerings make the travels and free online resources like ACIM videos available to tens of thousands of people.  


A Course in Miracles Video – ACIM Videos

  A Course in Miracles Video - ACIM Videos

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Check out David’s new searchable A Course in Miracles video site. Sort by topic or use the emotional index to receive your Given Answer! Hundreds of hours of transformational videos for everyday problems. Sign up for exclusive access to David’s latest teaching videos from his gatherings around the globe. “You want it to be mystical and you want it to relate to you, so perfectly that you can’t miss it! Like the Universe is calling your name and saying here, this is for you. You are the entirety of everything, you are limitless, you are boundless, you are pure Spirit and I’m sending a message to you that you’ll be able to smile and almost wink and go thank you, thank you.”—David Hoffmeister


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Join David Hoffmeister for inspiring ACIM videos that open the heart and mind. With movie clips, commentaries, interviews, and Spiritual talks which are freely shared to extend the deep teachings found in A Course in Miracles.

David Hoffmeister speaks from Awakened Mind on many different ACIM topics to help you on your Awakening path to salvation. DVDs available at the Living Miracles Store!

The Projector Metaphor by David Hoffmeister

The Projector Metaphor by David Hoffmeister – “In the projector room, inside the projector, is this glowing, brilliant, radiant light. That’s a great metaphor for the Holy Spirit. That brilliant light seems to pass through the film, which is filled with a lot of dark images…”

Q: When one cleans up the film, the projector only projects light… Correct? In that scenario, it would seem that form ceases to exist. According to what I am reading, the perception of form, any form at all, is an illusion, a dreamlike state that is not real. What happens to form during this cleaning up process? Does the world become more and more beautiful, or less positively/negatively charged, or what? I understand the shift from hearing another person’s attack to hearing a cry for love. It’s becoming a bit easier for me to hear that cry for love. Is this whole healing process a progression toward being in a pure energy state? Thanks

David: Greetings Beloved One,

Your intuitive discernment are right on. Your desire for Truth is drawing It forth in awareness.

Glory Be to God!


The Development of Trust and Forgiveness

The six stages in the Development of Trust section of the ACIM Manual for Teachers are a good description of what seems to occur during the “cleaning up process.” The perception of form seems to undergo changes in consciousness as the illusory “process” is experienced in awareness. This process may be described as the relinquishment of judgment, and the world indeed seems to become more and more beautiful as it is viewed without judgment.

As you discern in your question, the relinquishment of judgment is the release of the entire spectrum of judgment (the positive through the negative). Complete forgiveness (the Atonement) is a State of mind which reflects Abstract Divine Mind. Divine Mind, Mind Awake, is the One Pure Energy State that is Reality. The forgiven world reflects Eternity for a moment and then disappears. This is the meaning of “God will take the final step.”

God is Eternal and creates the Eternal. God’s Creation has no beginning or end or steps or levels, Being Pure Oneness. Forgiveness, the last illusion, represents a consciousness so cleared of judgment that it is ready to behold the Truth of Divine Love. Judgment is not an ability which God creates, for Christ remains forever as Pure Oneness in God. It is not that one “ceases” judging, as if judgment had really happened before but has now stopped. Forgiveness sees illusions as one and therefore shows that judgment is forever IMPOSSIBLE since there is nothing to judge “between.”


The Holy Spirit’s Perspective

Forgiveness is a Perspective of Meaning, for the Perspective is that of the Holy Spirit. As you share this Perspective, you share the Meaning of the Holy Spirit—the reminder that “I am as God created Me.” The world beheld in this Perspective is indeed beautiful, for in God’s Peace it is apparent “All things work together for good.” In this Perspective time is simultaneous and there are no separate images and events. It is happily impossible to sequence or arrange or order or judge that which is one. This momentary Perspective is the Peace that passeth the understanding of the world.

Glory and joy to the mind emptied of concepts. Love cannot be described or explained—only Experienced. Yield to the Experience. There is nothing else.

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