Living Miracles in 2016 from A-Z





7 animals at our centers

We’ve got more pets at our centers than ever before! Iso and Benito were strays that are now being raised with love and affection at La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico; Jack the dog lives at our newest residence in Monterrey, Mexico; Monty the miracle cat took up residence at our center in Kamas, Utah; in Australia, we have Maximus our heavenly horse, Bubbles the love cat who fulfilled her assignment and transcended her body, and Pippa the Oz dog; not to mention all the bunnies, birds, and chipmunks at the Living Miracles Monastery!

Iso the Cat
Benito the Dog
Jack the Dog
Monty the Cat
Maximus the Horse
Bubbles the Cat
Pippa the Dog
Animal Companions




21 pairs of buddies established this year

This year we have changed the support system within our centers. Instead of group support, we have adopted a “buddy” system. Every Living Miracles community resident is linked up with a companion that has been on this devotional path for a longer period of time. Buddies provide space, safety, and wisdom when healing is called for.




2 centers gifted to us by the Spirit this year

1) Barcelona, Spain: “Casa Meixa” showed up through a series of synchronicities in June 2016. In only six months’ time, we have established a community and hosted three “devotional” retreats (2+ weeks) and three shorter retreats! This center is the answer to a strong call for awakening in Europe and is a tremendous gift to our mind.

2) Monterrey, Mexico: Our newest base was offered after we heard the guidance to develop a “super app” for all our content. A team was assembled from all over the world and a property showed up to support this exciting new project.




15 countries, 10 languages

Our community residents come from 15 different countries: AustraliaAustralia CanadaCanada Flag ChinaChina Flag ColombiaColombia Flag FranceFrance Flag GermanyGermany Flag IrelandIreland Flag New ZealandNew Zealand Flag PortugalPortugal Flag RussiaRussia Flag SpainSpain Flag SwedenSweden Flag the NetherlandsThe Netherlands Flag the United KingdomUnited Kingdom Flag and the USAUnited States Flag

And we speak 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin, Swedish, German, Russian, and Gaelic.




30% of community residents start their days before 6 a.m.

Although many of us are “early birds” (some are awakened by the Spirit as early as 3 a.m.), some stay up late and miss the sunrise 😉 . Everyone is up and ready for our morning joinings (8:30 a.m. at the earliest).



FLIGHTS Airplane Icon

451 flights

It’s been a very active year for our community. Many of us have flown across the ocean multiple times for retreats, tours, projects, and assignments. This year we have been on 451 flights. Our biggest contributor is David, of course. He has flown on 66 flights, averaging 1.3 per week!




3 major pieces of guidance

1) Tabula Rasa Mystery School: Earlier this year we received the guidance to host our first ever mystery school at the Living Miracles Monastery. It will be a month-long immersion in May 2017 to facilitate a deep inner transformation for all who are called.

Visit our Mystery School website

2) Celebrating Inner Peace: Another piece of guidance was for us to host a fund-raising celebration in mid-July 2017 in honor of our ACIM “elders” and the Foundation for Inner Peace. It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to give back to those from whom we have received so much.

Read more about this event

3) Yearly Theme: At the beginning of 2016 David received the guidance that this year would be a “year of surprises.” Many of us have identified our surprise(s) by now. What is yours?




38,690 counseling calls and sessions

The 42 residents in our community have provided a total of approximately 38,690 one-on-one counseling calls or sessions throughout this year.




13 music tracks written this year

When we get in touch with the Spirit we find ourselves opening up to artistic expressions effortlessly! Music is a big part of our life and journey to God. Musicians in our community bless us with their beautiful songs of the heart. Here are a couple of tracks that we have produced this year.

We’re also feeling the inspiration for a new project coming next year: “The Music Lover’s Guide to Enlightenment,” a compilation of music that opens the mind and inspires the heart!



JAPAN Japan Flag

1 new country and lots of joy!

We visited Japan for the first time ever this year. During a short trip of less than a week, we held two full-day gatherings and were welcomed with open arms. What we enjoy most about these trips are the deep heart-to-heart connections. Thank you for the invitation and the warm reception.




Countless miracles in Kamas, Utah

Kamas, Utah is the home of our Living Miracles Metaphysical Center, the hub of our global community that serves in so many miraculous ways! We have very few needs and this charming little town is a beautiful reflection of this!

Kamas has one main street (right around the corner!), two traffic lights, one very powerful internet provider (right next door!), one post office (right across the street!) from which 1,549 books were shipped in 2016, and a population of 2,053 lovely locals who share our love of God. We also have a major international airport just 45 minutes away where we caught 211 flights this year! We are very grateful to the Spirit for how well Kamas serves the whole!




1 love

Love, actually, is our Life.




1 marriage

This year we had one wedding in, of all places, Las Vegas! This was no casual “shotgun” wedding, however, but one that was guided by the Spirit with shared purpose and holiness!




4 easy ways to find our free resources in 2016

1) Spreaker: Every new talk is recorded, edited, and uploaded onto Spreaker within 24 hours. You won’t miss a thing!

2) YouTube: The videos we upload to YouTube are the “gold nuggets” from our filmed gatherings and retreats. It takes longer for us to produce these clips, but we’re doing everything we can to make as many available as possible.

3) This is our “portal” website that offers easy access to a wide range of our content in all its forms.

4) Facebook: This is David’s fan page on which we share daily inspirational messages, new content, and our major events.

It is our calling to freely share everything we have received and this will never change. As our collection of resources continues to grow rapidly, it may be overwhelming to try to sort through everything. This year we have spent a lot of time editing and repackaging our materials to answer specific needs that arise on the awakening journey. Some repackaged products are available at a fee. These fees enable us to cover costs such as hosting websites, raising audio/video quality of our productions, maintaining our centers, etc. None of our income is used to profit any individual in our community.




6 uses for our bedrooms

Six ways we use our bedrooms: office, counseling room, dining room, meeting room, meditation room, and resting space. We keep our rooms in pristine condition just like our mind—spotless!




16,000+ people in our global community

At the end of 2016 we have 42 community residents living at our centers around the world! In addition, we’re blessed to be able to connect with our extended family of over 16,000 people through the internet (5,000 of whom joined in 2016). We are a support for each other in everything we do as we walk together on this path of forgiveness and devotion.




1 quantum shift

This year the Spirit has guided us to shift the internal structure and focus of our community. We have formed collaborative teams to follow guidance and to stay in the inspiration and vibrancy. Each team has a unique focus and yet shares the same purpose, to extend the truth. The six teams are: Content Extension, Digital Innovation, Publications, Super App, Touring, and Web.




3,150+ people attended our 90+ gatherings and retreats

As we traveled the world this year we were blessed to have met and interacted with over 3,150 new and old friends at our 90+ gatherings and retreats. We are also very excited to have opened up three of our centers for hosting personal retreats, where individuals can schedule a time that suits them to drop deeply into a peaceful, devotional vibe. 27 individuals booked personal retreats with us this year and we were truly honored to host and serve each and every one.




1,400 Slack messages in one week

We are communication devices for the Holy Spirit. Our days are filled with connection and collaboration. This year we began using Slack as one of our primary communication tools among our residents. Within the first week of implementing this new tool we sent a total of 1,400 messages!




3 most asked questions about our community in 2016

1) How do you “make a living”?
It seems like we live on the donations that we receive, but truly we are sustained by the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Guidance gives us our direction and provides the means for everything we do.

2) How do you handle your personal money?
A small number of our community members are guided to use the symbol of “Messengers of Peace,” a symbol of total devotion to a life path of non-possession and forgiveness. Money is received and spent through guidance as part of the process of undoing the belief in reciprocity and opening to the experience of divine providence.

3) What about relationships?
25% of community residents are currently in relationships. These relationships are fully used by the Spirit for practicing transparency with each other and deepening in love and forgiveness. There are no casual or open relationships in our community.




1,091 new uploads

We love to share our new material immediately. This year we produced and uploaded 601 videos on YouTube, 407 audios on Spreaker, and 60 new movies with commentary, plus 23 new movie reviews on our online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment.

Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment




7 virtual shows and 192 episodes this year

We broadcasted 7 shows and 192 episodes on our “Living Miracles Virtual” platform in 2016! The shows: Out of the Blue Comes Frances Xu, I Married a Mystic, Presence & Clarity, Vivir en la Luz, Awake in the Heart, Miracle Movies, and our Digital Sunday Service. Thanks for your support and presence on LM Virtual.




4 new websites

We love when the Spirit guides us into new and exciting ways to present David’s teachings and the deep message of A Course in Miracles. In 2016 our web and design teams collaborated on the development of four new websites (launch dates in parentheses):



XMAS GIFT XMas Gift Icon

526 downloads of our free audiobook in 24 hours

We were delighted when our latest audiobook production was completed just in time for the holidays. What better way to celebrate than by giving it away! The audiobook features David’s readings and insights of the first 25 lessons from the Workbook of A Course in Miracles as well as chapters 1–4 of the Text.

Download the free audiobook!




20% under 30

20% of the people who were part of our live-in community in 2016 were under the age of 30.




1,440 minutes on Zoom

What a symbol of “Minds are joined; bodies are not”! (ACIM, T-18.VI.3) Our 42 community residents are spread around the world and yet we feel so close to each other. With the technology of Zoom we gather periodically for community updates and virtual hugs. This year we have spent approximately 1,440 minutes on global community conference calls using Zoom. The hardest part is to say goodbye and hang up!


We’re so very grateful to have you on this journey with us!

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