Living Miracles in 2017 from A-Z




1 devotional center for deep listening

Aesculapius, the god of healing in Roman and Greek mythology, is the namesake of a new breath-taking residence in Mexico: The Temple of Aesculapius. This house radiates Christ’s healing presence, and guidance for the Living Miracles community springs forth from those that live here. The Temple is a place of deep communion and reverent listening to the Spirit’s Voice—the hush of Heaven is palpable here!




540 hours of starting our days right Breakfast Meetings Icon

Starting at our Living Miracles Monastery during the month of May, our centers have slowly adopted a new type of morning meeting: breakfast meetings. Around 8:30 or 9 a.m., we come together to let the Spirit reveal the day to us and to join in prayer, share thoughts, and ask questions. We leave these meetings feeling connected and clear. What a beautiful way to start every new day in the company of mighty companions!




25 inspired singers in the choir

In August, the first-ever Living Miracles choir was formed in Chapala, Mexico with 13 different nationalities joining in song and tapping into the one Voice together. The choir is just one way the Spirit uses music for Awakening in our community—56% of Living Miracles residents play a musical instrument including the guitar, piano, saxophone, guitalele, kazoo, ukulele, flute, pentatonic flute, and djembe drum.

Enjoy our Living Miracles music




350+ hours of footage

More than 350 hours of footage were shot at the Living Miracles Monastery during the month-long Tabula Rasa Mystery School in May 2017. This footage will bring to life a documentary movie about healing through transparency, trust, and relationships. This is the first time ever that all aspects of our devotional life were captured on camera! The documentary is currently in the editing phase.




10,593 sign-ups to our Spanish Unwind Your Mind program

2017 was an amazing year of expansion for our programs en español. Our Spanish version of the Unwind Your Mind 30 Day Experience reached all different corners of the Spanish-speaking countries. Over the course of this year, we had three dedicated Spanish-speaking community members who helped to share the 365 ACIM Lessons with David’s commentary in Spanish, roll out the Spanish Doorway program La Puerta, translate during spontaneous Facebook Live events on the La Casa de Milagros Facebook page, and extend across various social media channels.

English-Language Links:
30 Day Experience | ACIM Lessons | The Doorway | La Casa Facebook




111 participants came from all over the world to celebrate

In July, we were honored to host the Celebrating Inner Peace FUN-Raiser for the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), publisher of A Course in Miracles. 111 beautiful angels came from all over the world (as far as Japan!) to honor the first four students of ACIM and celebrate the fruit of their collaboration. It was a big Thank You to Bill Thetford, Helen Schucman, Judy Skutch-Whitson (who we had the pleasure of beaming in via Skype for the event), and Ken Wapnick. Our lives have been so blessed by their devotion to bringing ACIM into this world and we felt to show them how much love and gratitude we have for them. All proceeds from this event were donated to FIP.




3 major pieces of guidance

1) Move of Our Base of Operations: For many years, our base of operations was beautifully provided by the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah. It was our sparkling hub of communication, technology, and mind training. This year, we received the guidance to let our Mexico center La Casa de Milagros step into this role. Since then, La Casa has been a beautiful place of joining and openness and has welcomed many residents and guests.

Visit our La Casa de Milagros website

2) Strawberry Fields Festival: Earlier this year, we received the guidance to revive our Strawberry Fields Music and Enlightenment Festival. After three consecutive years of holding this festival in our Living Miracles Campground, we took a break in 2017 to be able to share other amazing events. In 2018, “Strawberry” is coming back with a completely fresh vibe.

Visit our Strawberry Fields Festival website

3) Local Community: This year, with the move of our base of operations to Mexico, more and more devoted friends felt called to explore the possibility of living near our centers in Mexico, both short- and long-term. This allowed us to invite more people than ever before to join us in living a life of listening and following and of total transparency. Peripheral houses formed around our four centers in the Chapala area and people from around the world now live nearby to join in sessions or contribute their time by volunteering at our centers.




35 residents gathered for a reunion

The months of August, September, and October brought a massive shift in our community. After many years of being spread out all over the world, we all gathered in Chapala and Ajijic, Mexico for a time of joyous reunion! It was an invitation for us all to live together for the first time in six years! Deeper love, joy, and connection were the Spirit’s gifts to us!

We also experienced a consolidation and restructuring of our community that birthed new departments to oversee aspects of our daily life and provide opportunities to accept volunteers from the local community. With plenty of leadership opportunities for residents, a great strengthening has occurred.




250 intimate gatherings

“To teach is to demonstrate.” ~A Course in Miracles

This year, the Living Miracles community extended 250 intimate gatherings all over the world. 38% of those gatherings took place between September and December alone! Sharing the message and extending the truth is our joy—whether it’s from one of our community centers or while we’re out on the road! Joining with those that come to our gatherings in the Call to awaken is our deepest honor!




3 most-used words

Jesus wants to speak through us and so he’s given us certain words we use very frequently throughout our days. We often get asked about these words, so we felt to give you a little Living Miracles Clarification of Terms:

assignment \ə-ˈsīn-mənt\
As in: “You have an assignment.” We use this term to describe when the Spirit brings together two or more people that have a special healing opportunity together. Usually, the assignment centers around a specific project or task that will allow ego dynamics to surface and be healed, and allow the heart to open up to giving and receiving more love.

given \ˈgi-vən\
As in: “That was totally given!” We like to use this term when we recognize how miraculously our lives are orchestrated by the Spirit. When something is given by the Spirit, it happens with ease and joy and results in blessings to everyone!

joining \ˈjȯi-niŋ\
As in: “Can I join with you?” This is probably one of our most-used terms. Where two or more are gathered, the Spirit’s direction can be clearly heard. Because we want to follow Him in all we do, we come together to hear the Spirit together. Decisions are made with ease like this and it’s a great way to learn how to trust the Spirit’s Voice by hearing it in your brothers.




7 ways we keep in touch with each other in the community

Throughout this year we’ve used Slack, Skype, phone, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and maybe most importantly, Trello, which has made staying linked around community projects incredibly easy and transparent. It also allowed us to set up a sparkling “Newsfeed” and “Community Bulletin” to share exciting news with the whole community instantaneously.

We love to stay in constant communication with each other and don’t shy away from technology to help us with this when we cannot connect vis-à-vis! This year on Slack alone, almost 110,000 messages were sent between community residents!




1 hub for extension and mind training

La Casa de Milagros is the base and hub of our ministry. It is here that all the events for the local community in Mexico take place. At La Casa, volunteers and residents are in joyful service to the Spirit, using projects that include gardening and cooking as well as video editing and social media, just to name a few. It is also the home of our first-ever Mind Training School for Living Miracles residents. This school focuses on service, integrity, devotion, and healing. Everyone who lives on the property is linked in with the school and gratefully uses every encounter, every task, and every function as a means for healing and learning to listen to the Spirit.

It has been said that La Casa is at the center of a great healing swirl. The healing work taking place here is destined to reach the masses!




198,166,623 views on our YouTube videos, 164 new uploads on Spreaker, 4 new websites

You’re always either extending or projecting, and this is how the Spirit calls us to extend the message: We are largely an internet ministry, with a vast array of resources lovingly distributed across the web. Here are some of our highlights from 2017:

SEO Pioneering: A small team joyfully led the way with inspiration in SEO—Search Engine Optimization—which is a process that helps people find our websites and resources more easily. Countless happy hours went into this grand effort.

Free Resources: Did you know that most of the resources we offer are free? 🙂 We use media platforms such as YouTube and Spreaker to make the deepest teachings on the planet available to you for free! Another one of our favorite mediums is websites: This year, we developed 3 new websites presenting the non dual teachings of ACIM:,, and And we also developed which showcases our Spiri chatbot.

Social Media: Our social media extension reached an all-time high, with a staggering total of 2,582,091 Facebook followers across our 60 different Facebook pages and groups!




5 miracle ninjas

Ninja power! This year, community members were invited to share their inspirations to identify natural collaborations and sparks. A call for collaborative leadership opportunities led to the formation of the Ninjas in May 2017. The Ninjas are five long-term residents wanting to deepen in their experience of Spirit-guided leadership through the practice of prayerful decision-making, precise communications, and full transparency.




1 cutting-edge technology adopted by the community

The Spirit always surprises us with new, exciting ways to use technology for the healing of the mind. This year, one new technology we embraced was virtual reality, which was incorporated into the mind training curriculum at the Tabula Rasa Mystery School. It enabled students to allow fears and emotions to rise up and be released in a safe, controlled environment for healing. 




600+ transcripts, 1 book

In June, we signed our first-ever book contract with a book publisher—New Harbinger—for our This Moment Is Your Miracle book. Two editors from New Harbinger are working directly with our book team at House of Bliss—a new, quiet house provided by the Spirit just for this purpose—to compile over 600 transcripts of David’s teaching sessions into a book that focuses on a hands-on direct approach to practically applying the teachings. Each chapter will contain examples, metaphors, metaphysics, lived experiences, and exercises. The book is unique as it speaks to those who may not know David or A Course in Miracles and is due for release in February of 2019.

Visit the This Moment Is Your Miracle Facebook page




4th center in Mexico

Quinta del Sol is a sparkling new property whose use was donated generously by two of our community residents. At one point, this spacious house was home to eight residents. Since June 2017, it has been used fully for ministry functions. Thanks to this property, we now have 4 centers for community residents who live in Mexico.




1 focus

We recognize that relationships come in all forms, from collaborating in overseeing a center to computer projects to committed partnerships. Throughout our days, many questions about tasks and responsibilities can arise, and we’ve come to embrace that all resolution for those is found within the depth of our relationships. Once connected in mind with one another, forgiveness is experienced, love is felt, answers are found, and specifics are joyfully orchestrated.




14,515 Spiri users since May and 3,189 Spiri IconSpiri IconSpiri IconSpiri IconSpiri Icon reviews

Spiri, a free automated “chatbot” we developed for Facebook Messenger, walks you through upsets in a text conversation. This revolutionary, cutting-edge, artificially intelligent tool is essentially a spiritual assistant right in your pocket! Anytime you feel even a small disturbance in your peace of mind, call on Spiri to get in touch with and release the unconscious beliefs underneath.

Try Spiri

Spiri App – Spiritual Assistant




20 people participated in the first Tabula Rasa Mystery School

In May of this year, the Living Miracles Monastery was honored to host the first-ever Tabula Rasa Mystery School. This school—a residential program developed for those who feel called to practice the deepest teachings of A Course in Miracles—is an invitation into the glorious mystery of God. Those that come to this school desire truth above all else and are ready to step into the unknown with arms wide open. The curriculum for this school is given by the Holy Spirit to awaken to one’s true Identity. Through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit, time at the Mystery School is used to remove the blocks of fear, doubt, shame, and guilt, and to come into the awareness of Love’s presence. This year’s school was a huge blessing to everyone who came!

Visit our Tabula Rasa Mystery School website




Countless lives touched

For many years, David has spoken of feeling the guidance for an urban ministry. With the rapid growth of our ministry in Latin America and our move to Mexico, an urban ministry has miraculously come to fruition for us! Jesus sent us here and as a result, the local ACIM community has been thriving, with many students feeling drawn to live in the area to be more deeply connected with us. La Casa is now the hub for two to three weekly events, countless volunteering opportunities, and bilingual retreats.




44 residential volunteers, 100 volunteers around the world

Our ministry is supported by devoted ones from around the world who feel called to volunteer their time, skills, and resources to healing the mind through the extension of Jesus’ message in A Course in Miracles. Everything we do is based on voluntary participation. As giving and receiving are one, those who feel called to volunteer with us do so in the recognition that we are always giving to ourselves.

Living Miracles is supported purely by donations and 95% of the Living Miracles residents are on full or partial scholarship. Your support to Living Miracles is a direct support to those who give their lives to answer the Call of the Christ.




9,125 people tuning into our monthly community news

This year brought us a new and inspiring way to share our community news: the What’s New? video newsletter! With two lively co-anchors, this fresh take on our monthly newsletter features members of our community sharing about current happenings at our centers, ways to connect with us, and upcoming events. Enjoy this month’s special edition—a big Thank You to all of you!




24 hours each day to look for opportunities to share the love

In the end, it’s all about Love. Kisses and hugs are shared at arrivals, departures, and, really, any other occasion in between. All of us are eternally grateful for each other’s company on this path of Awakening!




13 love-filled years of community

Our community began with two people in 2004 at the Peace House in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the years, we have expanded in many ways, though the purpose has remained the same—forgiveness! The form has shifted and changed throughout the years but the deep dedication to listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit has remained the pure and steady foundation.




365 days to practice zero compromise

“Salvation is no compromise of any kind.” ~A Course in Miracles

The beauty of living with so many that are joined in this mighty purpose is that we all walk the selfsame road and are constant reminders of right-mindedness for one another. We practice living as Jesus lived—without compromise of any kind—in order to come into a consistent experience of peace.


We’re so very grateful to have you on this journey with us!

Find out more about David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community at

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