ACIM Living Miracles TV

ACIM Living Miracles TV

ACIM Living Miracles TV

ACIM Living Miracles TV is devoted to the Divine expression of Love and is broadcast online via our website, People all over the world can tune in and feel the Inspiration as the Spirit pours through us via music, deep sharing of miracles, teachings, interviews, metaphysical movie sessions, talks, and spontaneous street interviews. We welcome you to experience the miracles with us!

Who Is ACIM Living Miracles TV?

We are committed to living the experience of God’s love. The term “Mystic” is often used for those who have a deep call of the heart and have devoted their lives to this inner experience of God, truth, joy, and peace. We have heard this call and we have answered. Our journey now is a commitment to the heavenly realms of Love, forgiveness, innocence, and Holiness, which are our natural state. This is a non-dualistic experience that can only be expressed as Divine.


What Will I Find Here?

This website is devoted to that Divine expression of Love. As we go deeper within, we find that each of us has a unique expression through silence, laughter, song, prayer, poetry, music, etc. We feel blessed to use this medium solely as a backdrop for our own deepening into this inner relationship. As the flower was created to bloom, so are we to continue to open and expand in our natural state of grace and beauty. We welcome you to delve deeply with us here.

At ACIM Living Miracles TV you will find archives, music, singing, testimonials, and other inspirational footage. For spiritual movies and movies for Awakening visit our Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment.

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